Chernobyl Tour RULES
for visitors to the Exclusion Chernobyl zone
The authorization to visit the exclusion zone may be provided to individuals, who have reached 18 years and have no medical contraindications for coming into contact with sources of ionizing radiation.

When visiting the exclusion zone all foreign and Ukrainian nationals shall be obliged to comply with the radiation safety rules and to follow strictly the approved program of the visit, as well as to move around only according to the prescribed routes.

Availability of the passport shall be required to cross the border of the exclusion zone at 'Dytyatki' police and dosimetry control checkpoint.

During the visit to the exclusion zone it is totally prohibited to:
Carry any kind of weapons
Drink alcohol or take drugs
Have meal and smoke in the open air
Touch any structures or vegetation
Sit or place photo and video equipment on the ground
Take any items outside the zone
Violate the dress code (open-type shoes, shorts, trousers, skirts)
Stay in the exclusion zone without the officer responsible for the envoy
All instructions of the envoy officer, who is responsible for visitors' radiation and physical safety, shall be binding for visitors. Photographing and filming on the designated route shall be subject to authorization of the envoy officer.
Pass compulsory radiation control of clothes, foot wear, personal items
Pass compulsory radiation control of transport

Leaving the Chernobyl zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory) resettlement it is necessary to:

On leaving the 10-km Zone participants undergo a radioactivity testing.
For the time of the Chernobyl tour personal dosimeters are allowed.
Taking pictures and shooting video during the excursion is allowed.
Admission the Zone only by passports. DO NOT forget to take a passport with you.
Non-admission to persons under age of 18.
Additional information:
P.S. The level of radiation which you might get during the trip to Chernobyl equals to the level which you usually receive while a flight at a jet plane and even less then level of radiation while x-rays scanning at the hospital.
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